About CSS Wind

CSS Wind was incorporated in 2011 to meet the growing need for Independent Service Providers (ISP) in Canada. CSS Wind has partnered with industry leaders to bring the best technology and service to wind turbine owners throughout Canada and around the world.

CSS Wind strives for safety and excellence in providing wind turbine field services.

CSS Wind is wholly owned by Canadian Space Services Ltd. With over 40 years of experience providing domestic and international field service in the aerospace industry, it has the management and service experience to foster CSS Wind in the highly competitive renewable energy market.

Please go to http://www.canspace.com/

Health and Safety Policy

CSS Wind will safeguard its employees and customers at all times. In its commitment to protect people, CSS Wind will:

  • Maintain effective safety programs
  • Train and equip all employees to make job safety their first priority
  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy work place
  • Adhere to all legislated safety regulations
  • Eliminate foreseeable hazards that could result in personnel injuries, fire, and asset losses
  • Continue working toward COR certification

Quality Policy

CSS Wind is committed to providing high quality service to its customers by:

  • Maintaining a strong business ethic
  • Providing resources to achieve each project’s success
  • Fostering employee education, dedication and empowerment

The CSS Wind Quality Policy builds safety and excellence into wind turbine field services.

CSS Wind has developed its Health and Safety Manual for employee training purposes. This Manual describes Health & Safety policies and work procedures. It is revised annually to meet new regulations and to incorporate best practices in the industry. 


As a demonstration to its commitment to workplace safety, CSS Wind has completed COR certification on March 13, 2017.